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About us

My name is Kelly and I run Walnut & Bailey Dog Training - here I am with Walnut & Bailey on a recent instructors course for Canine Rally Sport where Bailey gained his grade 1&2 and I qualified as a Canine Rally Sport instructor. 

Walnut is 9 and has been training in agility since 2015 and in 2019 we started hoopers. Bailey is 7 and prefers not to run about but is a whizz at Rally and learning new tricks.

The Story of Walnut & Bailey Dog Training

I have always loved dogs and after being made redundant in 2016 due to a company sale I decided to take the plunge and start my own business doing something I love. I started as a dog walker in late 2016 then started my dog training education.

Walnut puppy_edited.jpg

Puppy School

I had taken Walnut to Puppy School classes and enjoyed the training so much I began assisting in classes in February 2016. Later in that year I attended the tutors training course which I passed in the spring of 2017. I ran my classes in South London for 4 years before moving to Isle of Sheppey in 2021 and started running classes and 1-2-1 training there.

In 2019 I passed my assessment and was registered with the ABTC as an animal training instructor. 


Walnut and I attended a number of hoopers training courses and really enjoyed it so I took the Canine Hoopers World instructor course. I have been running a hoopers class for just over a year and am now offering beginners classes and 1-2-1 sessions on Isle of Sheppey.

Canine Rally

This summer, 2023, I attended a Canine Rally Sport instructor course and passed the level 1 which means I can now run grade 1 & 2 courses. Very proud of my Bailey as he passed his grade 1 & 2 on the day too! I will be offering group classes and 1-2-1s. Rally is a fun way to teach your dog to walk nicely on a lead and build that all important bond with your 4 legged friend.


I have been training Walnut in agility since 2015 and in 2017 was asked to join the training team at the club we belonged to. To begin with I designed and ran the foundation course and then began to take 1-2-1 training sessions from beginners to more advanced handlers. In 2022 I bought the club and have run 1-2-1 and groups classes since.

Our Team

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Kelly Nicholson

Dog Training Instructor


Hoopers Wizard


Rally Champ

Services on Offer

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Canine Rally
Puppy School

Group Hoopers sessions - Staring soon (once it dries out a bit!)

1-2-1 Rally sessions

Group training classes for puppies up to 20 weeks

Puppy Activity Club

Training, socialisation and games for puppies over 21 weeks.

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