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Puppy socialisation with Rocky the German Shepherd puppy

Meet the beautiful Rocky who I had the pleasure of working with recently 🥰 We worked on his basic puppy skills of coming when called, walking nicely on a lead, puppy biting and not jumping up. He is such a bright puppy and picked up everything so quickly. His humans are also doing a fantastic job of being consistent with his training which is super important.

a young german shepherd puppy and 12 weeks old and 17 weeks old

One thing his humans wanted help with is socialisation with other dogs. Rocky found other dogs so exciting; he would pull on his lead and bark in frustration when he couldn't go and say hi.

However he was far to bouncy to be able to meet them safely. Although puppies need to meet other dogs to learn to mix nicely it is important that they learn to do so calmly and politely to avoid being told off. It's not really the job of other dogs to tell your puppy off when they are being rude and depending on the dog it can cause lots of stress for them as well. Better we teach manners in greeting that way he can meet lots of other dogs and be a well rounded sociable adult :-)

Luckily Rocky was easily able to pick this learning up and after just a couple of sessions was able to be calm around anther dog. Keep up the good work Rocky!

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